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    B. Harvey Clark is a senior leadership advisor and management consultant, leveraging the principles of godly leadership and wise counsel to national and international leaders. He's planned, led, managed, and participated in diverse projects ranging from developing software applications for space-based surveillance systems to providing advice to leaders of some of the larger churches in America. He has taught over 1000 students at Howard University. B. Harvey Clark has advised diplomats and senior government officials, prepared assessments for congressional review, and designed management policies for international projects from Malawi to Macedonia.

  • "Advice starts with investing time to listen."


    - Bruce Clark


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    Over 30 years of helping leaders and organizations break through barriers and reach objectives

    Leadership Consulting

    The principles of godliness are a leader's great competitive advantage. Many of these appear as “best practices” in the marketplace and B. Harvey Clark has used them to help leaders across many industries ranging from The State Department to large churches. Our thought leadership consulting focuses on helping the leader increase capacity to deliver measurable clearly-defined results.

    Conflict Resolution

    Most conflicts are the result of internal conflicts people have within themselves. B. Harvey Clark 's  approach to resolution is to help clients identify these internal conflicts first. This enables a softer, yet direct communication with the conflicting party. We then get the parties in the same room to work through issues using our Gen3 process suite.

    Program Management & Technology 

    From cloud-based system system configuration to overseeing the implementation of large federal systems, B. Harvey Clark has proven success in overseeing and managing projects and programs. What makes our solutions work is our deep understanding of how process and technology can serve the user, not the other way around.

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